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Why is our project relevant?

This research group will explore the codes of writing of the visionary texts and will study the construction of female authority that was conditioned in its self-representations by the Reformation, as well as its continuity and re-interpretation during the 19th Century. In this study we will consider the performative and […]

What texts are we studying?

Their visionary discourse will be the analytical focus of the different strands of this multidisciplinary project: editions and studies of these sources will shed light on this discourse. The time span under consideration is determined by the data available: the first female visionaries are documented in Spain in the fifteenth […]


​Politics and religion combined to create discursive styles and textual communities that empowered women in distinctive ways; spirituality offered women special forms of symbolic cultural capital that could be turned to their advantage in influencing mores and raising their own social status. To understand how this model of authority was […]

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