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This catalogue publishes the lives of Castilian women previous to Saint Teresa who acquired a reputation for sanctity or extreme virtue. These lives appear in manuscripts from the 15th-16th centuries and in the various manuscript and printed histories of the religious orders in the province of Castile that were composed in the 17th century, as well as in other works (convent books) or compendiums containing lives of saints (flos sanctorum). Many of these women, who lived between the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the 16th century, were visionaries.

The online catalogue is accessible at the following link:

Responsible for the contents of the printed lives: María Aboal López, Mar Cortés Timoner, Borja Gama de Cossío, Pedro García Suárez, María González Díaz, Lara Marchante Fuente, Verónica Torres Martín.

Responsible for the contents of the handwritten lives: Fructuoso Atencia, María Victoria Curto, Borja Gama de Cossío, María Luengo, María Morrás, Celia Redondo and Rebeca Sanmartín Bastida.

Responsible for the catalogue (text revision): Rebeca Sanmartín Bastida.

Responsible for the digital content (website and wiki catalogue): Ana Rita Soares.

Responsible for the portraits of the living saints and the illustrations on the catalogue website: Diana Sanmartín Bastida.

Responsible for the description of the manuscript and printed sources: Pablo Acosta García.

Responsible for the edition and contents of the database: Blanca Santos de la Morena

Responsible for the technical design of the database and geolocation: José María Morales Vázquez.