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Why is our project relevant?

The Catalogue of Living Saints performs a transference of knowledge that generates social value because it disseminates research for the benefit of civil society. We are proposing here a tool to reach a lay audience with different interest rates, whether on gender, religion, or history of Castile and Iberia. The […]

What texts are we studying?

The collected lives appeared in manuscripts of the 15th-16th centuries and in handwritten and printed chronicles of religious orders in 17th century Castile and in other works (conventual books) or compendiums containing lives of saints (flos sanctorum). Thus, this project recovers several texts that have never been printed and most […]


The lives of these “holy” women that show a great contact between court and convent contribute to better understand the history of women. Social and cultural circumstances in which the living saints coexist at the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th are alighted in this […]

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