Ciudad Universitaria, Edificio D, Plaza Menéndez Pelayo, s/n, 28040 Madrid 91 394 5863

Professor of the Theater Directing Department at the Royal School of Performing Arts (RESAD), Director of the Mystics Festival of Contemporary Theater in Madrid, Director of Acotaciones, Theater research and creation Journal, Vice President of the International Association of the 21st Century Theater, and theater director. Her lines of research focus on the latest trends in contemporary, medieval and 18th century theatre and artistic pedagogy, especially the relationship between the theatrical, the ethical and the political with a feminist and decolonial perspective. She has dictated many lectures and has got numerous publications. She is co-founder of the Research Group on Feminisms and Gender Studies and the International Conference on Theater and Feminisms (RESAD) and a member of several R&D projects, among others: "Catalog of Live Saints (1400-1550): Towards a complete corpus of a female hagiographic model" (UCM), "Court theatrical parties in the Buen Retiro Coliseum (1650-1660). Study, critical edition and virtual recreation" (UCM), "Live Female Masters: Women contributions to theater pedagogy (1920-2020)” (RESAD) and "Mapping 'Crisis Theatre' on the Contemporary European Stage: Theatrical Representations of the Refugee/Immigration Problem; Global Terrorism and World Financial Crisis" (Open University of Cyprus). She has directed more than 40 shows, of which the most recent are: "Como alambre muy delgado -Like a very thin wire-" (Zapadores, 2019, based on the performative research project "La santa Juana de la Cruz", carried out in collaboration with the R+D project "The conformation of the female spiritual authority in Castile"), "Esta divina prisión -This divine prison" (Teatro de la Comedia, 2019) and its confined version "Prisons of the soul" (Festival de Otoño / Teatro de la Abadía, Madrid, 2020), "Super Superheldinen Binge" (Goethe Institut, 2019), "Cuando hay falta de hechiceros lo quieren ser los gallegos -When there is a lack of wizards, the Galicians want to be-", by Nicolás González Martínez (CNTC, 2018). She has carried out artistic projects of educational and social nature for the Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum, The association of persons with intellectual diversity: Plena Inclusion Madrid, and the Association of People Without Papers in Madrid, among other institutions. As a performer, her participation in "Comedia sin título -Comedy without a title-", by Lorca/Sara Molina (Autumn Festival, 2019) and "Antes de la metralla -Before the shrapnel-", by Matarile Teatro (Mostra Internacional de Teatro de Ribadavia, 2016) stand out.

Within the project "Catálogo de Santas Vivas (1400-1550)" she is finalizing the writing of the book "La santa Juana de la Cruz: Mystic Way of Aesthetic Learning", preparing a performative investigation on the life and work of María de Santo Domingo, and continues to study mystical and artistic methodologies and procedures in the 15th and 16th centuries, relating them to contemporary times.