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Pedro García Suárez

PhD in Spanish Language and Literature from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, he is currently Professor at the Universidad Internacional de La Rioja. His research explores the connections between literature and gender from an interdisciplinary perspective. He has published articles in prestigious national -Arenal or Analecta Malacitana- and international journals -Hispanic Research Journal, Neophilologus or Études Romanes de Brno-. With two monographs, he was a member of the I+D Project "La conformación de la autoridad espiritual femenina en Castilla (Ref. FFI2015-63625-C2-2-P; 2016-2019)", editing the lives of saints collected in the chronicles of the Early Modern Age and carrying out an exhaustive study about the importance of the female body as an element of construction of sanctity from the perspective of performativity. Now, he is part of the research team of the I+D Project "Catálogo de Santas Vivas (1400-1550): Hacia un corpus completo de un modelo hagiográfico femenino (Ref. PID2019-104237GB-I00; 2020-2024)". He continues with the study of the female body within the visionary phenomenon, adding to the analysis elements such as the representation of the reading exercise or emotions. He is also IP of the CAUNIR Research Group, which is in charge of developing the acquisition of university academic competences.íaSuárez