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María Jesús Fuente

María Jesús Fuente is Professor Emerita of Medieval History at the Carlos III University of Madrid. Her line of research has focused on the female universe from different angles, as shown in her publications for more than ten years. She has dealt with the role of queens from the point of view of power and authority, the patronage of religious institutions, and their role as mothers, in two monographs (Violante de Aragón, Reina de Castilla, Madrid, Dykinson – Anejos Historiography Magazine , 2017; Reinas medievales en los reinos hispánicos - Medieval Queens in the Hispanic Kingdoms, Madrid, La Esfera de los Libros, 2003), and has also dealt with women from religious minorities, in particular their role in defending their culture and religion in hard times of the fifteenth century, a subject to which he has also devoted two monographs (Identity and coexistence. Muslims and Jews in medieval Spain, Madrid, Polifemo, 2009; Velos y desvelos. Christians, Muslims and Jews in Medieval Spain, Madrid, La Esfera de los Libros, 2006).

In her line of work on medieval women, she has directed a project on the violence suffered by women in the Middle Ages, from which came a book that she coordinated together with the Law History professor Remedios Morán, Raíces profundas. La violencia contra las mujeres en la Antigüedad y Edad Media - Deep roots, violence against women (Madrid Polifemo, 2010). She has organized other conferences on the history of women, one of which she was in charge of editing, with the title Del ayer al hoy - From yesterday to tomorrow. The historiography of the history of women, gender and feminism, in La Revista de Historiografía (22, 2015). His most recent book, Mujeres peligrosas - Dangerous Women (Madrid, Dykinson – Anejos de Historiografía, 2019), co-edited with Rosario Ruiz Franco, was also the result of a project and a conference developed within the framework of the Julio Caro Baroja Institute of Historiography, of the Carlos III University of Madrid.