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Why is our project relevant?

This research group will explore the codes of writing of the visionary texts and will study the construction of female authority that was conditioned in its self-representations by the Reformation, as well as its continuity and re-interpretation during the 19th Century. In this study we will consider the performative and theatrical quality of the corpus, having in mind that many trances were a true mise-en-scène, as analysed in the previous project, “The Construction of Female Sanctity and Visionary Discourse (15th-17th Centuries): Analysis and Recovery of Conventual Writing” (Ref. FFI2012-32073). This research will also highlight the social and aesthetic importance of texts that, although now regarded as peripheral to the canon, were widely read at the time. The results of this project will be of interest for several disciplines: the literary history of the fifteenth to sixteenth century; the social, political, medical and religious history of women; the histories of reading and of mentalities; textual criticism; and the theory of genre performativity.